Belphegor-winterHi Bloodhammer,
currently you´re on tour with the mighty BELPHEGOR. Can you tell us how you joined the band?

Hey Ronald.
First of all thank you for the opportunity to make this interview happen! I really appreciate your work and support over the years! All started as a good friend of mine (also a close friend to the band) told me that BELPHEGOR started auditions for a new drummer and that I can send them some drum videos cause he already told Helmuth and Serpenth he knows someone who could handle the job. So I sent some audition videos and after a short time writing emails with Helmuth we met and rehearsed together. I made it and I am really proud to be a part of this outstanding band and have the opportunity to travel around the globe and play big shows!! I played my first BELPHEGOR ritual in December 2014 in Switzerland. This was and still is crazy, exciting and challenging. Those guys demand a lot when it cames to music! I just got the BELPHEGOR logo inked on my stomach from the bass player Serpenth. My skin-deep tribute to the troop.

At the moment you´re on tour and you were a part of the 7000 Tons Metal Cruise Ship. How was the atmosphere on the boat?

The time on the cruise was amazing! I’m really glad that we had the chance to play there, what an intense experience! Also the first Costa Rica show for BELPHEGOR after the cruise trip was stellar. I remember we spent a lot time and money (haha) in the casino and the bars. Continue reading